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Merlin writers holiday fic tack toe

As if this time of year isn't busy enough, I just couldn't pass this challenge. It's like a bingo card. Just a fic tac toe ;)

I'm writing, I'm writing. Just had to put the pic somewhere, so I can look at it and get inspiration :D
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just for the summer pornathon application. nuff said
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I just noticed that a lot of users here friended this journal lately. People I have seen the nicks of and people I have never even heard of before.

As you may have noticed already, this journal is 'friends only'.

So if you just friend me without letting me know, you won't be able to read anything since I do not check too often if there are new folks on the list.

In my journal, I share a lot of really personal info about my life, my job, my health, my family. Which, for someone who doesn't know me in person, is most likely nothing but boring (hell, it's most likely boring for the people who DO know me in person!).  And most of the time in my native language, so a lot of you won't be able to read it anyway.

If you are here for my fanfiction (which would be really flattering), I have to disappoint you. I do not post my FF to this journal.

There is an AO3 account now bunnysworld. Slowly archiving all my stuff there, but I only realised now how many stories I've written, so that might take a while.

If you still think we have enough in common, leave me a note :)


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